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Vorlesung Gesellschaftsrecht Hon-Prof Dr Walter Brugger
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Vorlesung:   Die GründerInnen-Frage, Gesellschaftsformen des Wirtschaftlebens

Vorlesung 015.664  Unternehmensgründung/Entrepreneurship

Vortragende des Lehrgangs Unternehmensgründung: Univ-Prof Dr Karl-Heinz Leitner, PA DI Dr Rainer Beetz, Hon-Prof Dr Walter Brugger

Hon-Prof Dr Walter Brugger Ort:


Lecture hall: Hörsaal 17 Friedrich Hartmann im Hauptgebäude, (map here...)

Oragnized by: Institut für Managementwissenschaften - Institute of Management Sciences.

Institut für ManagementwissenschaftenTU Vienna

Sprache: English.
Frequency: This lecture is repeated every spring term.

Inhalt - Content:


Thema - Topic:

15 May 2015,
22 May 2015,
22 May 2016,
19 May 2017,
18 May 2018,
17 May 2019,
25 May 2020,
25 May 2021 (Zoom)

Introduction to Company Law

Outline of and Comparison with company types (in particular partnerships, limited liability company, stock corporation)

You are encouraged to deal with taxation issues which are not covered by this lecture, e.g. using this booklet (2012) of the Austrian Ministry of Finance.


There are no notes available for this lecture. The ppt-slides for the convenience of the students are available some days in advance of the lecture.

Zusätzliche Literatur – Additional literature:
  • Mader, Kapitalgesellschaften10 (Verlag Orac 2017) und
  • Schummer, Personengesellschaften9 (Verlag Orac 2015)



Gesellschaftsformen des Wirtschaftslebens (insb Personengesellschaften, GmbH, AG), Corporate Governance und Haftung der Gesellschaftsorgane (Gesellschafter, Geschäftsführer usw).

This lecture is aimed at providing basic knowledge of corporate law (in particular partnerships, limited liability company, stock corporation), corporate governance and the liability of organs (liability of shareholders/partners, directors' liability, etc).

Latest update: 21 April 2021



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